The Midlands Inter-Club GMT Award

Also known as the “GMT Contest”

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This is an attempt to reverse the current decline in local on-air activity primarily on our under-used VHF bands although any amateur band may be used.

 To take place during the dark winter months when we revert back to GMT but ending in time to present the award at the Wythall Hamfest.

Entry is open to all licensed radio amateurs who are members of a participating radio club within the Midlands area.    

Clubs participating:   Wythall (WYT),   Rugby (RATS),   Dudley (DAD),    Tamworth (TAR),  Wolverhampton (WOL),  Gloucester (GLO),  Central (CRAC),  Telford (TEL),  Salop (SRT),  Solihull (SOL),  Midland (MARS),  South Birmingham (SBRS),  Bromsgrove (BROM),   Stafford (SAD),   Leicester (LRS),   Cheltenham (CARA),   Mid Warwickshire (WAR),  Stratford on Avon (SOA),  Sutton Coldfield (SCR),  Bolsover (BARS),  Worksop (RCW),  Coventry (CARS),  Nuneaton (NRC)

If you wish to join in the fun but your club isn’t listed above, have a quiet word with a committee member at your next meeting!


Suggested activity times:   Sunday mornings  10am – 12noon on 2m FM, around 145,450Mhz



And now the small print…..



Sunday 27th October 2019 until Saturday 29th February 2020.



Contacts will take place on any amateur radio band using telephony  (FM, AM,SSB)  or Morse code (CW).

No data modes to be used.   Contacts may be via analogue repeaters but not by using DV modes.

Each participating member of a Midlands based radio club will be given a unique 5 or 6 digit identifier code by their radio club and this is to be exchanged when making contact with other participating stations.



Stations may use whatever power they are permitted to use by their license conditions.

Therefore M3,M6 & M7 stations are limited to 10w, 2E0 & 2E1 stations are limited to 50w and all other stations may use up to 400w.



For contacts with members within your own club, it’s one point per QSO with each new participating member station worked per band . 

Similarly for contacts with participating members of a club outside of your own club, it will be two points per QSO. 

A contact with a club station (must be a GX call) or a participating Special Event Station (GB call) will merit ten points.

Contacts with the same station on the same band will only count once, regardless of any prefix or suffix changes.

Contacts with the same station on a different band will only count if the band change is for a different date.

The total number of points gained will then be multiplied by the number of different clubs contacted.

For example, if a total of 10 stations are worked with 7 in your own club and 3 in a different club then the total score will be 26.    (7 plus 3×2 =13  x2 =26)



A log of all contacts must be maintained and will contain the following information for each contact:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Frequency Band
  • Mode of transmission
  • Callsign of station worked
  • Name of station operator worked
  • Unique identifier given by station worked
  • Name of Midlands club to which station worked is a member
  • Points claimed for contact

Example Contact Log



Foundation and Intermediate stations progressing to a higher licence class may continue to participate so long as they continue to use the original identifier given to them by their radio club when they started.

Participating radio club’s are requested to allocate members who are interested in taking part with a unique identifier which indicates which club they are part of.   For example members of Solihull ARS will be using SOL01, SOL02 SOL03 etc.  Club stations and Special Event stations operated by members of a participating radio club may also run with a unique identifier in their club’s sequence.   Membership Secretaries of participating club’s will be obliged to keep an accurate list of all the identifiers allocated.



Send your completed logs as soon as possible after the closing date (29th Feb 2020) to:    Remember to include your own details on any documents.



Details of the highest scoring entries will appear here after all entries have been checked.

The overall winner will receive a Wouxun KG-UVN1 dual band radio which has been kindly donated by Martin Lynch and Sons Ltd.

The leading Foundation licensee will receive a Baofeng BF-888s  70cm hand-held radio.

Both will be presented at the Wythall Hamfest on Sunday 15th March 2020.

Additionally, there will be an award for the highest scoring station from each participating club which will be forwarded to their club for presentation.


Good Luck!


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