Welcome to Solihull’s Radio Club

         MX0SRC   /   GX3GEI


We support and encourage all aspects of Amateur Radio and welcomes visitors and members, both old and new to come and join us for a chat and share our passion and enthusiasm for radio communication. So if you are local and have an interest in Ham Radio, Scanning, Air Band, Marine Band, PMR Radio or CB, why not come along to our next meeting or drop us a line.

SARS was originally formed in 1948 and met at the Manor House in Solihull before moving to the Shirley Centre in 1993 until SHTF in early 2020. 

Meetings resumed September 2021 at our new home, the 1st Solihull Scout HQ on Lode Lane Solihull  on the third Thursday of each month starting at 8pm.   All are very welcome.

Amateur Radio doesn’t rely solely upon existing infrastructures such as the fragile internet, cellular networks  or even the mains supply and so can become the only means of communication at times of disaster when all else fails.

We are willing to give talks and demonstrations to any groups who may be interested in Amateur Radio in general, as well as offering advice and assistance to any interested parties looking to set up or improve their own communications, such as Neighbourhood Watch, Shop Watch, Preppers, CB’ers etc.


For further information

e-mail:    solihullradioclub@gmail.com

or call:     07471 654 808