Easy reception of AO100 (Es’hail2)

Eshail2 is a geostationary satellite adjacent to the Astra2 orbital slot so is very easy to locate.  An 80cm or 60cm dish can be used but a PLL type LNB will be required rather than a standard LNB.  Luckily these can be obtained from eBay for about £5.

Once the satellite is located (by tuning into the BBC Arabic channel) the dish can be connected to the shack using standard RG6 satellite cable.  In order to feed 12v dc down this cable to the LNB, a Bias-Tee network is required to isolate the sensitive SDR device.  These can be obtained from eBay for about £5.


The transponder downlink frequency is 10.489Ghz and the LNB osc freq is 9.75Ghz, which places the input to the receiver around 739Mhz.

The above picture shows CW beacons at either end of the “band” & some SSB activity in between. Software used is SDRuno.

It even works when an old timer is standing in front of the dish!


The BATC WebSDR site is streaming reception of this transponder at this address: https://eshail.batc.org.uk/nb/